Beautiful Wing, Great Party

collage_1Ernesto and I went to a fabulous party last night at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts to celebrate the new wing, designed by Michael Graves. You know, the guy who also designed those clumsy kitchen utensils sold at Target. On the outside, the new building looks a bit like a mausoleum, but the inside has a three-story atrium with beautiful wood railings, marble tiles, galleries, and a grand entertainment room on the top floor.

edqlbstartribThe decor for last nights party was stylized, white cutout flower motifs in vases, and the same motif replicated on the walls as multi-colored light displays. There was a great cuban band that played the entire time, an open bar, and plenty of people watching. The flow of people around the railings reminded me of the roundabouts on Reforma in Mexico City. An hour into the cocktail hour, men in tuxes and women in flowing gowns blended into the crowd after attending the dinner. We ended up in the Star Tribune website photo gallery.

The new galleries had mostly decorative arts, including art deco and art nouveau vases, a four foot high glass disc housing a radio, and an impressive silver 1936 Tatra T87 sedan.

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