Feline Mackerels


It’s been about five months since we said goodbye to Pooper, our beautiful black cat with the white tuxedo. I think of her a lot, especially when I run around Lake Calhoun, where we sprinkled her ashes and laid five large rocks to mark her spot. Ernesto and I had been thinking about adopting a new kitty. I’d email him at work with web page links to possible “new friends” on the Animal Humane Society website. We ended up adopting two Mackerel-type tabby cats named Amber, one year old, and two year old Francine. Amber immediately caught my attention, beckoning me into the room full of cats. We spent some time with her in the “visitation” room and just had to have her. Francine was a little less frisky and was in her own cage. She was very shy at first, but eventually warmed up to us. It didn’t take long for the former Amber, now “Frida”, to meet up with Francine (we kept the name Francine cuz, well, she looks like a Francine). Even now, after only a few days, they cuddle and lick each others’ heads!

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