Not quite enough to Crave

A restaurant review of Crave, Downtown Minneapolis. I give it *** stars.
Ah, yes, another great rooftop patio! Great, modern seating with a view of Hennepin Avenue, and the sun keeps shining for several hours at that height. One of the final 2014 World Cup games had just finished, so I thought I’d honor the poor Brazilians by having a Capirinha. Of course, my first Capirinha was skillfully mixed by a Brazilian so I knew how it should taste. The drink arrived in a hard plastic, tall glass with a lot of ice and a couple of limes. It smacked of pre-made mix; not a special house-made mix. Strong, but not good. My cousin arrived and she ordered a mojito. We basked in the sun and, much to our surprise, watched a very long Shriner’s parade below. For some reason, they had hundreds of go-carts driven by the old Shriners in their maroon felt caps!


We ordered the fabulous Mediterranean platter which consisted of hummus, dusted with a nice smoky paprika, kalamata olive spread, whole kalamata olives, cucumbers and a zesty red pepper spread.  As the sun started to drop below the buildings, my cousin ordered her favorite Asian chicken salad and I ordered the Margherita pizza, sans mozzarella, with kalamata olives and mushrooms. The herbed pizza was very flavorful but appeared to be not just baked but fried on the edges.

This place could certainly step it up a few notches by replacing the fake grass wall by the lounge with wall plants and add a number of Palm trees throughout the patio. The food is good, but they really need to think about hiring a head mixologist!