Peruvian flavor in Minnesota

alpacaphotoMy mom kept saying that I had to see these incredible animals, the alpacas. She had, of course, an ulterior motive to purchase an alpaca cape, since this would be her second visit. So, as soon as I realized the photo opportunities, I agreed to go with her and my brother to visit the llamas, or rather alpacas, in Prior Lake. I never thought I would see these animals outside of, say, the Shrine circus or some traveling band of gitanos. The Pure Country alpacas live on the hill, nestled behind a cozy wooden, suburban home. These peaceful animals didn’t seem to make a peep. They came in white, brown, gray, and black, with tousled hair tufts on their heads, long graceful necks, standing on their long legs and high-heeled hooves. Seeing these mystical creatures was very surreal, as if they suddenly appeared under the bright sun.

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