Spill the Bill

I finally made it to the new Spill the Wine, now located on Bryant Avenue South and Lake Street. What a great location, compared to their last place on Washington Avenue where they were neighbors with Grumpy’s. The food I had at the former location was very good; mostly fresh pastas with a variety of ingredients to choose from. I took my Mom to the new one. I was anxious to see the new menu, even though it was brunch on a Saturday. I perused the menu that had many fonts and sizes and realized that I’d be requesting a handful of sides, since each item either had meat, cheese or eggs and sautéed with butter. I have a plant-based diet without any processed food or oils, but I usually make small compromises when I go to restaurants.

I noticed that they had collard greens, shiitake mushrooms, arugula and potatoes so I asked our server if the cook could put these items in one dish as a sort of makeshift vegan entree. All is well with the order, accompanied by a nice dry white wine. My mom ordered the big plate jumbo burger with pork fat and a side of tasty paprika fries. My food came in separate plates: first the potatoes brava, then the golden beets with balsamic vinegar and the grilled cauliflower with fresh arugula. The food was very good, despite the separate plates. My mom also enjoyed her burger and chose to take half of it home.

When the bill came, I wasn’t surprised at the usual price for two people: $55. But when I took a closer look, I realized that I had been charged for the equivalent of three appetizers. My vegan makeshift entree of separate plates came to $15 versus my mom’s big plate burger of $11. I’m not sure if this was a deterrant to vegan or vegetarian patrons, but I certainly felt cheated. I was confident going to the new Spill the Wine that it would be just as vegan-friendly with these items documented on the menu, but I was wrong. I’ll certainly think twice about going there for a meal. Perhaps I’ll just have to spill the wine next time.

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