Amazing Iceland: Land of mystery and wonder

Keflavik to Bláa Lónið, a.k.a. the Blue Lagoon, to Reykjavik
It’s about 1AM Minneapolis time, but now we’re in Reykjavik and it’s 6AM. After deplaning, we made a beeline to the Hertz Rent-a-Car to pick up our car. The lights were bright, which seemed appropriate for “last call”, given the hour, at the makeshift Hertz desk made out of particle board. The Icelandic Hertz rep simply said to exit through that door and our car would be in the adjacent lot. We scanned all four lots, pulling our suitcases all the way and finally found the correct license plate, and car. Read more

Saving a furry friend

6a00d8341f7e1253ef017c371b03b4970b-800wiWhen I came back to work today, I passed through the Elliot Park clinic building. I noticed that the security guard had a pet carrier. As I got closer, I realized there was a beautiful black and white cat inside who barely fit. There was also a yellow plastic bag with a bag of cat food and a dish. On the side pocket of his carrier there was an orange slip with “Fluffy’s” known credentials. The security guard was about to call animal control until I said “No! They’ll kill him! Please call the Animal Humane Society.” She called, but they don’t pick up animals. In my shocked state I heard myself say “I’ll take him!” Fluffy had been abandoned in one of the clinic hallways. It was pretty clear to me that this person couldn’t take care of him. I took him to the AHS, petted him as much as I could, gave a donation and left all teary-eyed. I’m sure he’ll be adopted soon. He’s very cute!

Francine’s lost “babies”

Francine just has a way of entertaining herself. She now has five multi-colored, catnip-filled mice that look a lot like her. So, we call it her "baby". We went out of town for a week and came back to discover that none of her “babies” were in sight. So, like before, I put a flashlight underneath the couch, the shelves, and even the bed. We still haven’t solved the mystery. We’ll probably buy another litter of the catnip-stuffed mice, they’ll go missing again, and some day we will find a mountain of dust-bunnied mice in some obscure place.

Feline Mackerels


It’s been about five months since we said goodbye to Pooper, our beautiful black cat with the white tuxedo. I think of her a lot, especially when I run around Lake Calhoun, where we sprinkled her ashes and laid five large rocks to mark her spot. Ernesto and I had been thinking about adopting a new kitty. I’d email him at work with web page links to possible “new friends” on the Animal Humane Society website. We ended up adopting two Mackerel-type tabby cats named Amber, one year old, and two year old Francine. Amber immediately caught my attention, beckoning me into the room full of cats. We spent some time with her in the “visitation” room and just had to have her. Francine was a little less frisky and was in her own cage. She was very shy at first, but eventually warmed up to us. It didn’t take long for the former Amber, now “Frida”, to meet up with Francine (we kept the name Francine cuz, well, she looks like a Francine). Even now, after only a few days, they cuddle and lick each others’ heads!