Whirlin’ the art parties

jimedqlbWe went to a fun party last night at the Tyler Street studios. It was great seeing all of the studios, completely liveable with bathrooms and lofts. I remember the parties we had at the Colonial and all the many hours spent painting, looking and contemplating the next series. Jim F. has a studio there too, a gigantic one full of carpentry tools and tables, and lots of wooden walls, random antiques, books and lp collections…oh, and a washer and dryer. It’s pretty tempting thinking about getting a studio again. I know what I would show and I would be excited about starting a new series of paintings. Ernesto and I went to the Northrup King building today for the last day of Art-A-Whirl. The third floor had more fine art than commercial art. But I can see the big commercial takeover already in the works. The architectural firms, photo studios, and art “stores” have moved in, pulled out their talons, and soon they will push out the artists.

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